Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Intel Guru TNT Tony Summary

 Everything is signed off, Iraq, Maliki and the UST have done all they are supposed to do. Everyone is just waiting for a certain time, but they are excited and saying that IT IS OVER AND DONE. We know it’s not actually over and done until I am walking out of the bank. The GCR is supposed to be announced today, and that cannot happen without the RV happening.We are hearing things have been on TV, CNBC, a ticker tape at the bottom saying that China signed off on the VND and the rate it is to come out at is $6.05...that is the high rate. It may not open up at that rate & may not stay there long.
The call centers & currency exchange centers are manned and lunch is to be brought in to them and phones have to be left in their cars so they cannot contact anyone.
The 800#'s have been released to the banks and some individuals have them too, but can't give them out yet until it's public knowledge. Other things are's not just the GCR/RV. It has to do a lot to do with our future as a nation that is causing part of the delay. There is a rumor saying China is going to pull out. They have set a deadline...drew a line in the sand & we're very close to it. I am hoping for the RV...It could happen in the next 10 mins, 10 hours or next 24 hours. I know rate or what they said it would be. [Are double digit rates still possible?] Yes, they are still possible.

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